Our Story

Once my wife was complaining about some international skincare brands. She stated that she had been using their costly products, but no improvement in skin-related problems. “These imported products are made for their people only, not for us” she added.
After she completed, I kept thinking about what she said and then I did some research.
Actually, imported skincare products have been available for a long time and we used to use them but somehow they don’t show the kind of results as brands claim in their advertisements.
What could be the reasons?
Then we analyzed that climatic conditions, environmental stress, and genetic inheritance of skin texture were some of the main causes. That's why these imported products show mediocre results which are not up to the mark.
We needed products that should have been enriched with naturally powerful ingredients maintaining their respective ratio of the same in the production, in such a manner that suits Indian skin types and the environment also, and wanted to break the myth that quality products can not have a reasonable price.
We felt the lack of an Indian brand that could compete with inefficient international brands for our people and eventually make them proud.
Hence, SKINFLUENCE came into being.
We offer an enormous range of quality products that help our people to hydrate their skin, treat coarse skin, lighten skin texture, and are easy on the pocket as well.
We have something that your skin will 'Thank You' for!