Our Research

We researched how much hydration is good for the skin. Everyone has an innate function of glowing skin, but the external environment (Pollution, Dirt, Smoke, Harsh Elements, UV rays, etc.) damages our skin and its texture and makes skin rough, dry, and dehydrated. We can not get enough hydration for our skin’s outer layer by only drinking plenty of water. Research says it’s a myth that lots of water intake will help to keep skin hydrated. As humans age, skin loses its density and winds up with some sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles.
While we’re younger, our skin is thicker. As we age, skin thins out too.
Whatever we do in our daily routine we tend to forget about the basics of skincare, that is, providing it with hydration. We have to follow a good skincare routine from cleansers to overnight masks.
This care will keep skin well hydrated, young, and naturally glowing & prevent pollution. Hydration in simple words refers to water. When the skin is properly hydrated, it is able to carry out its innate function which is to act as a natural barrier to any external and harsh elements.